• Streamplay and Digicel partner to launch ‘mJams’ and ‘mGames’ into the Fiji market
  • Digicel, is the largest Telco in the Pacific and the leading telco provider in Fiji
  • Owned and now operated by Telstra since 2022, Digicel Fiji holds a ~31% market share of mobile subscribers
  • ‘mJams’ and ‘mGames’ expected to be highly attractive offerings in the Pacific market
  • Streamplay and Digicel share 50% of the revenue generated from the products and agree to co-invest into marketing
  • Future expansion plans include bringing Streamplay products to other Digicel jurisdictions, such as PNG, Samoa and Tonga.

Streamplay Studio Limited

(“Streamplay” or the “Company”) (ASX: SP8), a leading provider of competitive casual gaming and eSports technology, music streaming services, and telco value-added services, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Digicel Fiji Limited (“Digicel”), the leading telecommunications provider in Fiji. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Streamplay as it expands its operations into the prominent Fiji market and establishes a stronger presence in the Pacific region.

Digicel Fiji is a core part of the Digicel Pacific business, now owned by Australian telco Telstra, and the partnership represents a strong endorsement of Streamplay’s innovative technology and the products it has developed. The Company aims to leverage its experience and learnings from working with a major mobile network operator (MNO), MTN South Africa, to deliver its new and established offerings in collaboration with Digicel, providing enhanced products and services to their customers.

Under the agreement, Streamplay will launch two premium products from Q1 FY2024, which will play a core role in Digicel’s customer acquisition and retention strategy. With a revenue share set at 50% of shareable revenue and a joint 50/50 marketing contribution over a 3-year term, this partnership demonstrates a commitment from both companies to co-invest into the product rollout in order to drive success and mutual growth.

Fiji, with a population of ~900,000, boasts near-universal mobile penetration across multiple devices. As the leading telecommunications provider in Fiji, Digicel enjoys a significant subscriber base of over 280,000, representing ~31% market share. This partnership with Digicel provides Streamplay with a valuable opportunity to introduce its Music Streaming, Competitive Gaming and Value-Added Services (VAS) products to a highly engaged customer base.

The agreement with Digicel encompasses a phased rollout strategy, starting with the launch of mJams Music, followed by the introduction of mGames. This strategic approach ensures an effective implementation of the partnership’s initiatives and leverages Digicel’s market presence and strong customer base.


Streamplay is excited to embark on this transformative partnership with Digicel, solidifying its position as a key player in the mobile entertainment and value-added services sector in Fiji and paving the way for future expansion and growth throughout the Pacific region.

Todd Emanuelli, Streamplay Pacific CEO, commented,

“We are excited to partner with Digicel to deliver innovative and exciting products to the Fiji market. This partnership represents a strong commitment by both companies to provide customers with the best possible products and services. We believe that the launch of these products will be well received and will help Digicel to acquire and retain customers in the region.”

Having already forged strong relationships and opportunities with a leading MNO, MTN South Africa, Streamplay is looking forward to working closely with Digicel to not only deliver these premium products to the Fiji markets, but also solidify yet another strong and long-standing MNO relationship and to further expand its product offerings into the rest of the Pacific market through the Digicel Pacific parent company.”

While the revenue generated by the agreement with Digicel is subject to take up by subscribers in Fiji and other regions, and is therefore unknown at this time, the agreement is material to Streamplay due to the size and potential of these markets and the partnership with Digicel generally.



Streamplay Pacific is introducing a new feature rich version of the Company’s ArcadeX white label technology, branded as mGames, into the Pacific market and is excited at the opportunity to partner with Digicel in the mobile gaming market. mGames will introduce a new way for Digicel subscribers to socialise, play and compete for prizes as they battle for the top spot-on leaderboards in both competitive and casual gaming tournaments.

This innovative and localised product, a first for the Pacific region, will provide Digicel with additional and unique revenue generating opportunities while providing their subscribers with real value and entertainment in the fast-growing mobile gaming sector.

The ArcadeX tournament technology will allow the Streamplay Pacific marketing team to work closely with both Digicel and other potential brand partners to host regular daily, weekly and monthly tournaments where subscribers can compete against each other in various competitive games for prizes ranging everywhere from vouchers, data and airtime to high value prizes such as apparel, tech and popular gaming consoles.

From launch, the mGames platform will come equipped with a complete free-to-play library of over 200 quality, feature-rich games across genres in action, sports, strategy, racing and more. This library will be available to all subscribers as well as social gamification features and earnable in-platform credits through tournament participation will provide subscribers even more ways to be rewarded by redeeming credits to enter into exciting raffles and giveaways.

Subscribers will also be able to quick-install the mGames platform as an easy access Progressive Web App (PWA) onto their devices and receive regular updates and notifications on tournaments and prizes by subscribing to push notifications.


mJams Music

mJams Music is a premium music streaming service that is designed to offer a unique and diverse collection of Pacific music. With over 2,000 Pacific artists, more than 16,000 songs, and upwards of 400 music videos, mJams provides a central location for Pacific music enthusiasts to discover, stream and support local content from the Pacific region. The service has been able to attract a number of subscribers in Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and American Samoa. This success can be attributed to mJams’ unique content and the company’s efforts to create localised marketing strategies to target different customer segments.

Based on experience in other markets, Streamplay has incorporated learning and feedback to enhance the mJams experience for Fiji. Streamplay has ensured that its product is tailored to meet the specific needs of our Digicel customers, including a focus on popular Fijian artists and music genres.

Fiji is a prominent market in the Pacific, and the introduction of mJams to the country is a significant step in our efforts to promote Pacific music and support local artists. The launch of mJams in Fiji will provide a crucial pathway for generating royalties locally, and in turn, supporting Pacific artists.

To promote the product, mJams will be launching various initiatives that aim to create awareness and interest among Pacific music lovers. These initiatives will include partnerships with local media houses, targeted advertising campaigns, and collaborations with popular Fijian artists to create exclusive content for mJams.

Overall, mJams is a product that is designed to promote Pacific music and support local artists. With our continued efforts to expand the service and create localised strategies, we are confident that mJams will continue to grow and become the go-to platform for Pacific music enthusiasts.


Marketing and Roll out Plan

The marketing strategy and rollout plan for the partnership between Streamplay and Digicel involves a phased launch. The first premium service to roll out will be mJams, followed closely by mGames.

To ensure a successful rollout, a 4-week interval between the launch of each platform has been scheduled. This will allow for proper market preparation, promotional activities, and seamless integration of the services into the existing Digicel ecosystem. The phased launch approach will enable Streamplay and Digicel to gather feedback from customers and make any necessary adjustments before the full launch of each product.

The marketing strategy will include a range of promotional activities, such as digital and social media campaigns, print media advertising, and in-store promotions. The goal is to raise awareness and generate interest in the products, ensuring that customers are aware of the benefits of using the products and encouraging them to sign up.


In addition to Fiji, which represents the first market for this partnership, Streamplay is in discussions with Digicel Pacific (wholly owned by Telstra Australia) to roll out the products into the other jurisdictions where Digicel Pacific operates, namely:

  • Tonga
  • Nauru
  • Vanuatu
  • Samoa
  • Papua New Guinea

Across these markets, Digicel Pacific has ~2.5 million subscribers.


Bert Mondello Chairman of Streamplay Studio commented:

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with the largest and most prominent Telco’s in Fiji and the Pacific. This collaboration is a testament to the innovation of our technology and serves as an endorsement of its widespread appeal and adoption by telecommunication companies worldwide.

With the recent acquisition of our Pacific business, our geographical footprint is expanding, and we are experiencing continued growth in our customer base. This partnership further solidifies our position as a leading player in gaming and music sector, enabling us to serve a larger and more diverse audience.

We look forward to leveraging this partnership to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional services to our customers in the Pacific region.”

Digicel Fiji CEO Farid Mohammed added:

“Digicel is always looking for new ways to add value for our customers and Streamplay’s innovative product suite promises to do just that. Both mGames and mJams Music will be strong and unique offerings in the Pacific mobile market and the prospect of rolling them out to our markets, of which Fiji is the first, is compelling. We are excited to work with Streamplay and see our customers enjoy and engage with these new products.”

About Digicel Pacific

Digicel Fiji is a core business within Digicel Pacific, the leading telecommunications provider in the Pacific region, which has established itself as a prominent player in the industry. Operating in Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Fiji, Digicel Pacific serves as a vital connectivity provider in these markets. In 2021, the company achieved impressive financial performance, recording an EBITDA of $US233 million. With a dedicated workforce of approximately 1,700 employees and a customer base of around 2.5 million subscribers, Digicel Pacific has solidified its position as a trusted telecommunications provider in the region.

In 2022, Digicel Pacific was acquired by Telstra, Australia’s largest mobile network and telecommunications company. This strategic acquisition marked Telstra’s expansion into the Pacific market and enhanced its presence in the region. Telstra’s extensive experience in providing international connectivity and operating mobile networks complements Digicel Pacific’s established track record in supporting economic development across the Pacific.

Digicel Pacific’s commitment to innovation and enhancing customer experiences is further exemplified through its collaboration with Streamplay. This partnership enables Digicel Pacific to enhance its service offerings and deliver innovative digital entertainment experiences to its customers.

Through its impressive performance, successful acquisition, and strategic partnerships, Digicel Pacific continues to shape the telecommunications landscape in the Pacific region, catering to the diverse needs of its customer base.

More information: www.digicelpacific.com


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