• Streamplay signs MNO partnership with PNCC to roll out innovative Gaming, Music and VAS products in Palau
  • PNCC is Palau’s government-backed and sole telecommunications provider
  • Palau’s high ARPU subscriber base offer a promising market opportunity for Streamplay’s products
  • Palau’s unique status as a freely associated state with the United States allows Streamplay to transact in USD
  • Increasing demand for value-added services and widespread mobile device usage in Palau drive the growth of Streamplay’s products
  • Streamplay strengthens its presence in the Pacific region through the launch of Gaming and Music platforms in Palau


Streamplay Studio Limited

(“Streamplay” or the “Company”) (ASX: SP8), a leading provider of competitive casual gaming and eSports technology, music streaming services, and telco value- added services, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Palau National Communications Corporation (“PNCC”), the only mobile voice network operator and leading telecommunications provider in Palau. This collaboration marks yet another step towards expanding Streamplay’s operations and presence in the Pacific region.

Under the agreement, Streamplay will launch two premium products from Q1 FY2024, which will contribute heavily towards PNCC’s customer acquisition and retention strategy. With a revenue share set at 50% of shareable revenue and a joint 50/50 marketing contribution over a 3-year term, this partnership demonstrates a commitment from both companies to co-invest into the product rollout in order to drive success and mutual growth.

Palau, with a relatively small population of ~18,000, presents a unique market for telecommunications services. The country boasts high mobile penetration and a strong reliance on mobile devices for communication and connectivity. As Palau’s leading and only telecommunications provider, PNCC holds a significant base of over 41,000 subscribers, covering internet, mobile, digital TV, and fixed-line services. This partnership between Streamplay and PNCC unlocks further opportunities for Streamplay to introduce its innovative Gaming and Music platforms to the PNCC customer base.

Todd Emanuelli, Streamplay Pacific CEO, commented:

Streamplay is thrilled to join forces with PNCC to bring our innovative gaming and music platforms to Palau. This partnership enables us to provide the people of Palau with exceptional entertainment experiences and sets the stage for our continued growth and success in the Pacific region.


Streamplay will be delivering two of its innovative products designed to deliver exceptional entertainment experiences to its customers in Palau.


Streamplay has a proven track record of operating MTN Arena, the Company’s innovative and proprietary ArcadeX esports technology, in partnership with leading MNO MTN South Africa. The Company is excited to deliver a white labelled version of this product, branded as mGames, to the Pacific Market. mGames will deliver an immersive gaming platform that provides a diverse selection of captivating and interactive gaming and competitive tournament experiences to the Palauan market. With a wide range of games catering to various genres and preferences, mGames will offer an innovative and localised gaming ecosystem for users in Palau enabling them to play, compete and win at their leisure.

mJams Music

With its success to date, the mJams brand is positioned to be the premier music streaming app of choice throughout the Pacific markets. Streamplay’s comprehensive music platform celebrates the vibrant Palauan music scene and will provide a platform for local Palauan artists to showcase their talent to a wider audience. It offers a vast library of songs and a rich collection of music from Pacific artists. Users can explore a diverse range of music genres and discover new local talent, contributing to the growth and promotion of the Palauan music scene.

Marketing and Roll out Plan

Streamplay has developed a comprehensive marketing and rollout plan to ensure the successful launch and widespread adoption of mGames and mJams in Palau. The plan encompasses various strategic initiatives aimed at raising awareness and generating excitement among the target audience.

The marketing strategy includes targeted advertising campaigns across multiple channels to reach potential users and showcase the unique features and benefits of mGames and mJams. Streamplay also plans to establish strategic partnerships with local influencers and content creators who can effectively promote the platforms and engage with the Palauan community.

Additionally, Streamplay will implement user acquisition initiatives to attract a broad user base. These initiatives may include special promotions, exclusive offers, and user-friendly onboarding processes to encourage users to embrace the platforms and experience the entertainment they offer.

Through this comprehensive marketing and rollout plan, Streamplay aims to introduce mGames and mJams to the Palauan market, capture the attention and interest of users, and establish its presence as a leading provider of gaming and music platforms in the country.


The partnership with PNCC demonstrates Streamplay’s commitment to expanding its geographic presence and solidifying its footprint in the Pacific region. With Palau’s unique status as a freely associated state with the United States and use of the US Dollar as its primary currency, Streamplay recognises the potential of this collaboration in leveraging Palau’s small yet engaged population and high ARPU.

Palau’s telecommunications landscape, supported by PNCC as the country’s sole telecommunications provider, offers a solid infrastructure for seamless service delivery. With a strong reliance on mobile devices and a growing demand for value-added services, Palau provides an excellent opportunity for Streamplay to cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

By leveraging PNCC’s established network and expertise, Streamplay is well-positioned to introduce its gaming and music platforms to a customer base that values connectivity and digital entertainment experiences. The partnership with PNCC opens doors for Streamplay to make a significant impact in Palau’s telecommunications market and contribute to its digital entertainment landscape.

While the revenue generated by the agreement with PNCC is subject to take up by subscribers, and is therefore unknown at this time, the agreement is material to Streamplay due to PNCC’s dominant position in this market as the only telecommunications provider. The partnership is also a useful case study for discussions with other telco partners.

Bert Mondello Chairman of Streamplay Studio commented:

We are delighted to announce our partnership with PNCC, adding to our growing list of strategic collaborations in the Pacific region. This partnership further strengthens our position as a trusted provider of Gaming and Music platforms in the Pacific. With recent successful partnerships in Fiji and other Pacific countries, we are excited to expand our jurisdictional reach and offer our innovative services to the people of Palau. Together with PNCC, we are committed to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences and meeting the evolving needs of our customers across the Pacific.”

About PNCC

Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) has been connecting Palau to the world since its establishment in 1982. As the first and largest fibre optic network in Palau, PNCC was founded with the mission of developing a national communication system for the emerging nation.

PNCC started with a humble customer base of 200 in Koror and Airai and undertook the ambitious task of building a modern telecommunications network across the entire country. Today, PNCC’s subscriber base has grown to over 41,000, covering areas from Kayangel to Angaur.

As a public corporation, PNCC operates solely on customer revenues, ensuring its self- sustainability. The company is dedicated to meeting Palau’s telecommunications needs, including universal service, and aims to be the preferred choice for customers.


With a strong commitment to continuous improvement, PNCC leverages technological advancements to deliver quality products and provide customer-focused services. Streamplay will play a crucial role in supporting the launch and ongoing operations of gaming and music platforms in Palau, benefiting from PNCC’s infrastructure and expertise in the telecommunications industry.

More information: www.pnccpalau.com

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