• Streamplay launches mGames in Papua New Guinea (population 9.4 million), revolutionising the casual gaming space in the Pacific market.
  • Revenue share will be a 50/50 split with telco, bmobile, potentially bolstering the Company’s topline revenues.
  • Roll out plans include American Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Fiji.
  • Strong growth potential with predictions of 7.3 million unique mobile subscribers by 2030 and 90% smartphone penetration in the Pacific Islands market.
  • Subscribers can engage in thrilling battles, compete for top spots on leaderboards, and win exciting prizes.
  • Over 200 quality games across various genres, including popular characters from well-known franchises and entertainment properties.
  • mGames integrates directly into proprietary telco billing engine, GBilling, maximising billing success and customer engagement.

Streamplay Studio Limited

(“Streamplay” or the “Company”) (ASX:SP8) is excited to announce the recent launch of mGames, a branded version of Streamplay’s ArcadeX white- label technology, in Papua New Guinea by Streamplay Pacific Pty Ltd (“Streamplay Pacific”) in partnership with Bemobile Limited (“bmobile“), a division of Telikom Limited and a leading telco in the region. This strategic partnership includes a 50/50 revenue share split, potentially generating a strong revenue stream for both parties. This collaboration not only underscores Streamplay’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences but also solidifies its position as a leading player in the industry.

Building on Streamplay’s success in engaging over 1.6 million MTN Arena subscribers in South Africa, mGames now aims to revolutionise the casual gaming space in the Pacific market by introducing a range of social, casual, and competitive gaming features previously unavailable in the region. This launch represents a significant milestone as it paves the way for quick expansion into other Pacific markets, including American Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands and Fiji.

The Pacific region has experienced substantial growth in mobile penetration, creating a tremendous opportunity for mobile gaming platforms. Recent data reveals that mobile penetration in Papua New Guinea stands at 41%, with Solomon Islands at 47%, American Samoa at 78%, and Fiji at 85%. These 2022/23 statistics highlight the substantial potential user base for mGames in the Pacific market, making the launch in Papua New Guinea a crucial step in capturing this opportunity.1


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The gaming industry in the Pacific Islands shows great promise, with predictions of unique mobile subscribers reaching 7.3 million by 2030 – an increase of 1 million unique mobile subscribers in less than 7 years. Smartphone penetration is also set to reach around 90% of the overall Pacific Islands market by 2030, following the region’s overall mobile growth.2

Papua New Guinea’s mobile gaming market is projected to reach US$9.88 million in 2023, with high average revenues per user (ARPU) of US$13.48.3 Fiji’s mobile gaming market is projected to reach US$3.51 million in 2023, with ARPUs of US$29.31.4 Combined, these two regions are expected to have a mobile gaming market worth US$13.39 million. The overall mobile gaming market in the Pacific Islands region is predicted to show around a 10% annual compound growth rate between 2023 and 2027.

While mobile gamers in the Pacific face challenges such as high data costs and limited access to high-end handsets or engaging content, mGames offers a solution by providing a low data consumption yet feature-rich gaming experience. At just PGK 0.49 per day, (AUD 0.20) subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide catalogue of games and engage in thrilling battles, competing for the top spot on leaderboards to stand the chance of winning prizes ranging from vouchers, data, and airtime to highly coveted items like apparel, tech gadgets, and popular gaming consoles.

Streamplay is thrilled to introduce this innovative product while forging strong partnerships with leading Telcos and addressing the needs of mobile gamers in the Pacific market. mGames will launch with an extensive library of over 200 quality games across various genres of action, sports, strategy, racing, including games featuring popular characters from well- known franchises and entertainment properties.


Streamplay Brings Casual Gaming to the Pacific Market with the Launch of mGames

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Subscribers will enjoy access to this varied collection, accompanied by social and gamification features while tournament participants can also earn in-platform credits, enhancing their chances to win even more prizes through exciting raffles and giveaways.

To provide subscribers with the best gaming experience, the mGames platform can be easily installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on their devices. This streamlined approach allows users to enjoy uncluttered, full-screen gaming without the need for large app installations or regular updates. Players can access mGames directly from their mobile home screens, just like any native app, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Furthermore, with Apple’s recent major update in February 2023 providing iOS users with full PWA and Push Notification support, the Company has ensured no subscriber is excluded from the benefits of receiving regular updates and notifications about tournaments, prizes, and new game releases directly through push notifications which will ensure players stay engaged, informed, and connected to the vibrant gaming community.

mGames also integrates directly into GBilling, Streamplay Pacific’s tried and tested proprietary telco billing engine, to maximise billing success and customer engagement while also allowing the Company’s Pacific marketing and operations teams to closely collaborate with the Company’s team in South Africa to leverage successful strategies employed in deploying MTN Arena as well s key lessons learnt. By implementing proven marketing and re-engagement strategies and techniques, Streamplay Pacific aims to drive user acquisition and engagement in the Pacific market.

Streamplay is excited to introduce mGames to the Pacific market, ushering in a new era of casual gaming. This launch not only introduces mGames, but also signifies the first of many exciting new ArcadeX white-label product launches to come. The focussed re-development and modernisation of the ArcadeX platform will enable the Company to drastically reduce the launch time of new products to market while ensuring all existing partners benefit from regular updates and feature enhancements. The Company aims to utilise this approach to provide a dynamic and evolving gaming experience, keeping players engaged and excited as new games and features are introduced while providing its partners with a highly attractive offering that combines entertainment, competition, and rewarding experiences.

Bert Mondello, Chair of Streamplay commented:

“We are pleased to announce the launch of our successful competitive gaming platform, mGames, in Papua New Guinea. This milestone marks the beginning of a series of network iterations that Streamplay will introduce globally and across the Pacific markets. The successful roll out of this product stands as a testament to the incredible dedication and innovation of Streamplay’s R&D team. With this platform now in place, we are well placed to expand and scale across the Pacific. The introduction of the mGames platform brings an additional revenue stream which will bolster the Streamplay revenue line and reaffirms our commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences as a leading player in the industry.”

Devan Kalua, Chief Executive Officer at bmobile commented:

“We are excited with the launch of the highly anticipated arrival of mGames, in Papua New Guinea. This ground-breaking product marks a significant milestone for the Pacific region, as it stands as the first-of-its-kind gaming platform to be introduced here.

  The launch of mGames not only exemplifies our commitment to innovation but also demonstrates our dedication to providing unparalleled experiences to our valued customers. We believe that this partnership with Streamplay is just the beginning of a long and successful collaboration in Papua New Guinea.”

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